Quaker camping in Paris...MI 

Quaker camping in Paris...MI

The family took a wonderful weekend off from working and such to go camping with the Grand Rapids Friends in Paris, Michigan. We had a great time relaxing, eating, sitting around the fire and geocacheing. Emma learned to ride a bike without relying on training wheels, and then took off on an 12 mile ride to Big Rapids. Now we are back, and preparing in earnest for the upcoming move. Emma and I will be traveling to W. Alex on Friday evening to plant the garden and do some more cleaning. Jenn will be home packing. Emma will also be finishing school on June 9, so this is a big couple of weeks for her. It has been a big couple of months for all of us, with Micah being born, and graduation and moving. these are exciting times for us, and our relationship with God is deepening at a new level. The move to Ohio is a leap of faith, and we will be dependent upon the Lord and His people to get by until September, when school starts and I hopefully have a job secured.

It seems Micah may be teething (already?!). He's been unusually fussy the past couple of days. Some families and other interested people will be gathering at the Calder Plaza downtown Grand Rapids on Thursday, June 9 for a "nurse-in". It will be 11:30am-1:00pm and open to anyone supportive of breastfeeding. The idea began when I was nursing Micah in the county clerk's office and was told that I needed to either cover myself with a blanket or go downstairs to the lobby to feed him, because some people are offended by babies being nursed in public. It seems this is not legal in Michigan (or the law is unclear). So we are hoping to have legislation passed that ensures a mother's right to breastfeed her baby in public. Also to exempt breastfeeding mothers from jury duty for one year and to guarantee mothers who work outside the home have time and space to pump milk or feed their babies without repercussions. So, this plus the move is keeping me hopping. It's good stuff, though.

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