what a sendoff!!! 

what a sendoff!!!

Thank you everyone who came to wellhouse for our sendoff Friday night. It was fun to have everyone together, Friends and Family, as we get ready to journey into our future and carry on in our family response to God's love for us. Life has certainly been good to us, having a media star in the house. Jenn and Micah have struck a blow for breastfeeding rights, and what a great picture of them on the front page of the GR Press. We have yet to see any TV media coverage of the nurse - in, but I hope it was favorable to the Women (Wymyn!?) who participated. Thank you everyone who was at the Calder. I will tell Jenn to put up an entry as soon as the computers are back on line at Well House.

Emma and I had a great trip to Ohio last weekend. We planted the garden, took delivery on the straw bales for the chicken house, and ate great Chineese. We enjoyed our time together, and attended a great Friends Meeting in West Elkton, OH. It is a 200 year-old gathering of Quakers, and the meetinghouse was almost that old.

Keep looking us up, I hope to be more faithful to the blog in the future.

God's Peace, Scot

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