What a month: And we've finally made it to OHIO 

What a month: And we've finally made it to OHIO

I am not yet sure what has created more excitement for Jenn and I, the attention that the nurse-in has created, or the fact that we are finally in Ohio. The move to Ohio has been the vehicle for God to bless us through wonderful friends who have helped us make the six hour journey to West Alex. Of course, it has been very uplifting for the most part to read the letters to the editor in the Grand Rapids Press about Jenn and her public stand against the evil county clerk, Mary Holinrake.
First, the move... We had an eventful experience. Cliff and Cathie's whole family fell sick, and they could not make the trip down with us. (They are doing better now, I heard.) But the family patriarch, Grampa JIm, made the trip and drove my van down. Judi filled in at the last second and drove much of our stuff down in the Well House van, because the rental truck we acquired wasn't big enough. Every one made it safely to W.Alex, but not without problems. Besides Cliff and the crew getting sick, and the truck being to small, Mark hurt his ankle helping load the truck, and the shelter van wouldn't start and a new battery had to be purchased. Jenn adn Judi didn't get on the road until nearly five o'clock. When we got everything to the new house, not everything would fit up the stairway to the bedroom, so we had to find a ladder, remove an upstairs window, and take the bed and dresser up that way. We were successful. We went to meeting at West Elkton Friends Meeting, and then visited New Westeville Friends Church that evening. Now I am looking for jobs. Hold us in the Light as we get settled.
Secondly... we have enjoyed hearing about the letters and political cartoons that have appeared in the GR Press. I am glad that such a statement was made, sort of Jenn's parting shot to Grand Rapids and its mixed up "family" values. If only the County Clerk spent as much time addressing the issues of poverty in the city andthe war sponsored by her political party (which ever of the two lays claim to her) instead of harrassing nursing women and other obvious displays of caring and nurturing that might offend the community.
Until next time, work for justice so that we may have peace.

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