gettling settled, hen house hi-jinx 

gettling settled, hen house hi-jinx

we still haven't completely unpacked, and I have yet to find a job, but things are going well for us. We are trying to raise a straw-bale hen house,a nd Jen and I erected a frame to set the straw around. It looks as much like an amature tinker toy project as anything else, but we have confidence it will all wqork out in the end. We have to get pictures of this stuff.

I was supposed to bale straw and hay for work this week, but the weather is not cooperating. It is thunderstorming right now, at 5:30 on Wednesday, and that will put things behind further.

Jenn is doing her best to direct traffic in unloading the wealth of boxes that have collected in our living room, and she accomplidhed quite a bit today.

Walt called last night to say hello, as did Judi. It is great to hear from you all. Walt correctly chastised me for my hyperbole in calling the Kent County Clerk "evil." Perhaps we'll just say she is misguided.

I am thinking about volunteering at a Richmond substance abuse recovery program as part of my ministry down here. I will look into other prospects, but I need to find a job first.

Jenn says to tell you all we have two kittens, named Fox and Penn, and Micah is rolling over, which still leaves him behind the kittens in motor skills. As for cuteness, it's a tie.

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