Summertime in Ohio 

Summertime in Ohio

We finally had a little rain here last week, but it's been hot and dry ever since. On the second of July, we watched the fireworks in a field at the county fairgrounds with some of our neighbors. There were few other people and plenty of room for the girls to run. After breakfast Rosa was ready to go watch the fireworks. She promised that she wouldn't be scared of the "booms", but spent most of the evening with her hands over her ears. Actually, we all had a good time.
Sunday we tried to attend the West Richmond Friends Meeting. It turns out that they were gathering at Quaker Hill with two other meetings from Richmond for a combined worship and potluck. It was a beautiful outdoor meeting, and we got to meet lots of people. We even had lawn chairs in the back of the van from the night before, so we were prepared.
Scot got a job! Actually he started yesterday (Tuesday) at Precision Wood Products, driving a delivery truck, and had to make a delivery to Romeo, Michigan. Today they didn't have a delivery, but he should stay pretty busy driving around Ohio. Tomorrow he's going to Kettering (by Dayton) and Fremont, Ohio (Sandusky county). Lots of hours on the road.
Scot's mom and dad are in need of prayers. They are both having health problems right now, so please remember to hold them in the light.
Our chicken house is coming along, but we are at a standstill until we get a paycheck to buy a few more supplies to finish it up. The walls are standing. It still needs a door, roof, and chicken wire to reinforce the safety of the walls. Also an outdoor run.
The garden is coming up. We have corn, beans, cukes, zucchini, acorn squash, pumpkins, radishes, and sunflowers growing. Lots of weeds too. This morning I put straw around the plants to preserve moisture (our soil is mostly clay) and deter weeds. I don't know what happened to the tomatoes, onions, and peas we planted. Our neighbors gave us a big zucchini from their garden - yum! These are the "beans and rice" days. We haven't had any income for quite a while, still we always manage to have something to eat. God provides!
Micah is becoming quite an expert at rolling over now (belly to back and back to belly). He also seems interested in everyone else's food. When he can sit up on his own, I will consider it.

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